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Archive: 3 Duplexes at Auction
Conducted: April 12, 2017 1:00 pm EST
Location: 540 East Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43608.
247 East Oakland Street, Toledo, Ohio 43608.
419 Walbridge Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43609.
All 3 Duplexes Are Being Sold Online Only.
Highlights: Online Only Duplex Auction - Minimum Bid $10,000 Per Property

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GROUPED EXTENSION: This auction uses the grouped extension bidding feature. All lots in this auction have been placed in an extension group. Any bid within the last five minutes of bidding for an auction lot that causes an automatic extension of bidding on that auction lot and on ALL auction lots in that group. When 7 minutes passes with no more bidding, then bidding on all assets in that group will close simultaneously, with high bidder on each asset being declared the winner.